Modbus to DALI Gateway

The DALI/Modbus gateway is a converter which acts as a Modbus TCP/RTU server (accepts Modbus TCP/RTU commands) and controls a DALI (Digital Addressable Light Interface) bus with up to 64 DALI devices.

Key Features

  • The DALI bus supports up to 64 light controller addresses, up to 16 scenes, and up to 16 groups.
  • Performing control and monitoring of the DALI led’s in the DALI bus from a Modbus-based control system, so that the DALI led’s become part of the own Modbus system.
  • Configuration values can be set, read and changed using DALI/Modbus gateway:
    • Short Address (Individual address)
    • Group Address (Add/Remove led’s)
    • Minimum Level (0 to 254)
    • Maximum Level (0 to 254)
    • Power-on Level
    • Fade Rate
    • Fade Time

  • Conversion between Modbus TCP/RTU and DALI Interfaces
  • DALI interface according to DIN EN 62386-103/2011


  • Configuration software tool is provided with DALI/Modbus gateway box, allowing to perform all setup tasks related to the configuration of DALI led’s, setting needed Modbus parameters (IP address, serial settings, etc...)
  • Wide power supply range 9 – 28 VAC/VDC
  • Ruggedized RS-232/485 interface
  • EFT protection and surge protection for power line


Ordering Information

SI No Part No Model Name
1 MB-DL-001
Modbus TCP to DALI gateway
2 MB-DL-002
Modbus RTU to DALI gateway
3 MB-DL-003
Modbus TCP/RTU to DALI gateway

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